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7 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Netherlands

Sep 10 2015

If you go to the Netherlands, there are certain places to visit so to satisfy your curiosity about this country. Rotterdam Rotterdam is a good city as good as Amsterdam. Filled with beautiful buildings and parks, the city is broad…

10 Interesting Facts about the Netherlands

Aug 24 2015

Netherlands is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Here are some facts about the Netherlands. 1. The Netherlands is the home of tallest men on earth. Base on a study on which nationality are the tallest, it was…

Learn the Dutch Culture and their Way of Life

Jul 27 2015

Here are the Dutch cultures to know. The Dutch have their own language which is Dutch. This language may be similar with the German language. Similar, not the same. The people there are generally tall perhaps its really the gene…

The Netherlands has Windmills the Most

Dec 25 2014

The Netherlands has become so famous for its having so many windmills. Actually, the Netherlands is flat in geography and lower than the sea. In this flat area, they need water supply for their farms in order to maintain their…

Global Sustainability in the Netherlands

Oct 09 2014

Global sustainability is being carried out in Europe and all over the world. The Netherlands belongs to top 30 countries that are cleanest and most active for maintaining the earth’s sustainability. Global sustainability is can be seen through the country’s…

5 Dutch Snacks you should not Miss to Taste

Sep 21 2014

In the video below, you will find out the delicious Dutch foods that you should not miss. They are way much more delicious when you eat them with companions. Pofferjies Pofferjies are the cutest pancakes that you would ever see…

Enjoyable Food Tour in Amsterdam

Aug 10 2014

Amsterdam is one of the countries filled with delicious foods. Let us see them. There are so many foods that we can find in the Netherlands such as bread and pastries. The Dutch are bread eaters, not all of course.…