7 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Netherlands

Sep 10 2015

If you go to the Netherlands, there are certain places to visit so to satisfy your curiosity about this country.


Rotterdam is a good city as good as Amsterdam. Filled with beautiful buildings and parks, the city is broad enough for you to travel in more than a day visiting the major tourist attractions. Erasmus Bridge is an example of a must-visit destination.


Amsterdam is filled with many museums where people could stream to visiting many collections of the ancient times.

Museums such as Rijksmuseum is a best destination to look for rich culture.


Windmills, beautiful parks and gardens sprouted here. There are so many antiquities remained. What is so significant here is the canal which is perfect for boating. Most attractive things also include the city’s amazing landscape.

The Hague

In this area, you can find the amazing North Sea where people could enjoy their time in sight-seeing. Within the area are beautiful museums and department stores where people can gather together. This agency will gonna help you guys. You visit the website 泰雅旅遊 for visa application. Click more over here.


Maastricht is one of the most beautiful places in Limburg, Netherlands. Actually, there are so many beautiful buildings here. It is the richest among the towns of Limburg.


Seeing this place, you will be very surprised by its architectures and arts. It is no wonder why so many people visit this place.

Netherlands is a home of good architecture and cultural sites. The experience here makes you realize how beautiful the monarchical government of the country. And this is a good agency to help you in visa service 台胞證照片. They too have preservation of many statues that signifies their beautiful empire.