10 Interesting Facts about the Netherlands

Aug 24 2015

Netherlands is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Here are some facts about the Netherlands.

1. The Netherlands is the home of tallest men on earth.

Base on a study on which nationality are the tallest, it was found out that the Dutch men have an average of 6 ft tall which makes them the tallest men on earth.

2. The Netherlands’ national flower is tulip.

Actually, 80% of the world’s tulip is found in Netherlands and they have a lot of tulip plantations.

These tulips come in different colors and once they bloom, these plantations become places for destination.

3. After 123 years, Netherlands have a Dutch King.

Willem Alexander is the present King of the Dutch who became a King after 3 consecutive queens who sat on the throne.

4. Keukenhof is one of the largest Gardens in Europe.

This means kitchen gardens is one of the most beautiful and largest Gardens in the world.

5. Prostitution is legal.

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This is because anyone can go for prostitution unless if they are more than 18 years of age.

6. Netherlands is the bike capital of the world.

You will be shocked that there are more bicycles than its population. This is because a person owns 2 or more bicycles.

7. Dutch people are beer drinkers

One of the products of the Netherlands are beer and most of the them are the Dutch.

8. Netherlands are not Hollands

This is a mistaken knowledge about the Netherlands.