Learn the Dutch Culture and their Way of Life

Jul 27 2015

Here are the Dutch cultures to know. The Dutch have their own language which is Dutch. This language may be similar with the German language. Similar, not the same. The people there are generally tall perhaps its really the gene of the Dutch.

The culture of the Netherlands have been preserved for many years but these were a little bit changing due to globalization and social influence. For their culture, they are generally family oriented. Family ties is very important.

Men have the sole responsibility to work as the head of the family. Mothers could also go to work but in their culture, they have to pay attention to their children 24 hours a day so mothers just leave their jobs.

Dutch are not that open at first. This is why they first greet each other by hand shake as a formal meeting. Calling someone’s first name is a symbol of intimacy and some things. You can call someone’s first name if you are asked to. Otherwise do not do it. Visit here this amazing dental clinic 牙醫診所. Also, with their great and industrialize country many bridal shops has been established.

The Dutch also have dining etiquette such as you can not sit down if you are not asked to do so. You can not eat also if the host did not yet start. Dining is very formal this is why table etiquette have to be observed well and properly. In Dutch culture, punctuality is very necessary whatever type of meeting you have. It is lack of credibility of yourself if you do not keep time. It is a very important matter for you as a person. Start to look over this best dental clinic guys. You check this recommended link 久燦診所. Very professional service.