5 Dutch Snacks you should not Miss to Taste

Sep 21 2014

In the video below, you will find out the delicious Dutch foods that you should not miss. They are way much more delicious when you eat them with companions.


Pofferjies are the cutest pancakes that you would ever see in the whole world. These have chocolate toppings and they are too fluffy enough for you to eat again and again. Eating this food along the streets too is not a problem. These are the traditional pancakes of the Dutch.

Deep Fried Hot Dog

This is kinda one of the most delicious food to alleviate hunger. You can eat one or two anytime you want to eat. Actually, it is partnered with a dutch liquid sauce plus chopped unions. While watching this video, perhaps you will find a way to make your own.


This is the one of the most delicious food that we can find in the Netherlands. It is because this is a breaded cheese which is essence of Dutch snack. And all is good with this company’s service for protection of environment, open this link 除蟲公司. Most food that we eat are healthy food.

Cheese can not get away from the Dutch.


These are also deep fried breaded meats or potatoes that anyone can eat. One of the things that we can see is that many Dutch snacks are breaded and cheesy. They bread leftover meats so that these will not be wasted.

Stroop Waffel

This is a baked thin flattened dough which is so delicious filled with caramel inside. It is a very delicious snack that you can eat anywhere.